Terrace boards

Our assortment includes high quality larch terrace boards, high pressure impregnated pine terrace boards (green and brown), non-impregnated pine terrace boards.

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Price, Eur/ m2
Species Th x W Lengths,mm Premium AB BC
Larch 21×120/145 3000-6000
Larch 25×120/145 3000-6000
Larch 28×120/145 3000-6000
Larch 45×120/145 3000-6000


Price, Eur/ m2
Species Th x W Garumi,mm ABC ABC, impregnated with 4th class
Pine/Spruce 28×120/145 3000-6000 10,5
Pine/Spruce 40×120/145 3000-6000 13,5


Thickness +-0,5mm
Width +-0,5mm
Length +-50mm

All prices without VAT 21%